Fab Fridays 24: Overcome Choice Paralysis

Alternative Education Resources

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday and greetings from Panama.

With little visibility around school openings, parents are starting to wonder whether they should look for alternatives or complements to the current remote learning experience.

The good news is that there are tons of alternatives out there. ​

The downside is that too many options can lead to choice paralysis.

Many parents have been reaching out with similar questions:​

What kind of learning experience should I be seeking for my kids right now? What are my options? What's the right blend? What’s signal and what’s noise? How do I decide what’s the best path for my kid?

I want to help you filter the noise and sort through these questions so here's the plan:


I'm curating a list of the best of what I’ve come across in the alternative education space—from alternative K-12 models, to homeschools and microschools, online programs, learning platforms, virtual bootcamps, online communities, and beyond.

Starting next week, I’ll be uploading a short video under Fab Favorites on my YouTube channel, where I will cover different alternative education resources. Skip the hours of tedious research and tune in with Ms. Fab! I promise to keep it simple, informative, and fun.

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And by the way, if you work with or know of a particular resource, project, or company in the alternative education space that you think is worth sharing please send it over and I will check it out!


Adulting requires a lot of unlearning. It’s a matter of how well we do it and when do we start.

What's something you've had to unlearn? Check out the comments on this tweet for some interesting answers to this question.

And in case you missed it, in this episode of Show & Tell, David and I talk about some of the things we learned in school that have been useful and things we’ve had to unlearn.​

Until next week,

Ana Lorena Fabrega