Fab Fridays 35: Launch of Synthesis

Special Opportunity for Ms. Fab Readers

Dear Ms. Fab Readers,

I know it's not Friday, but I have some exciting news.

I’m sharing exclusively with Ms. Fab readers a special opportunity before it goes public later this week.

Launch of Synthesis School

Synthesis is a new online school built by the founding teachers of Ad Astra, the school started by Elon Musk at SpaceX.

It’s as close as it gets to the learning experience I envision: an online school with no speed limit for kids who want to solve problems and think outside the box.

I’ve been lucky to have a front-row seat to their beta testing sessions over the past few months. They have blown my mind, and I have no doubt your kids will love it.

Synthesis, which originates from the most popular course at Ad Astra, is now coming out of stealth with Constellation, its first online program for kids ages 8-14.

We’re giving early access to Ms. Fab readers to apply to Synthesis with the link below:

Apply here

​About Synthesis School

​First off, watch the below video on Synthesis. It’s worth a thousand words:

As you and I know, school looks NOTHING like the best careers. Elon Musk launched Ad Astra to create a school that looked like training for the future leaders of SpaceX. Synthesis originates from Ad Astra and is built upon the same principles.

If we want kids to thrive in a world where the curious and creative succeed, we need them to learn and think like problem solvers—to master the game of life and have fun while doing it.​

Synthesis’ first course, Constellation, is based on live online games. Kids love playing the games, and they don’t even notice that they’re learning. But in every game they’re thinking criticallycommunicating and collaborating, and learning from “first principles”: the skills and tools required to tackle any complex problem.

​Synthesis’ games foster team building, healthy competition, and they are A LOT of fun.​

We’re giving early access to Ms. Fab readers: Apply here

Once registered, you’ll receive the application by email. The application is simple and fun!

Once accepted, you’ll receive alternatives to pick a class to fit your schedule. There are times in the morning, afternoon, and evening in most of the world’s time zones, and they’re adding new classes every day.

For more information about Synthesis School, visit their website.

Give Synthesis a try and let me know what you think!

The team there is hard at work to build something special. I’ve seen nothing like it out there, and I’m excited for more kids to join this incredible education experience that was previously limited to the children of a few SpaceX employees.

Also, stay tuned for more news, as I will be following Synthesis closely.

Have a great week!

Ana Lorena Fabrega