Fab Fridays 41: A Year in Review

The magic of compounding.

Happy Friday and Happy New Year!

What a year.

Single best investment I made in 2020? Writing online.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my journey, engaging with my content, and supporting my mission. I’m grateful for all of you.

Here's my year in review:


I'll be forever grateful for all the amazing people and opportunities Twitter has brought into my life. This platform has opened up more doors than I could have EVER imagined.

Twitter is the best place to:

  • Connect with like-minded people based on the quality of their thinking

  • Learn from the most incredible minds out there for free

  • Create opportunities for yourself.​

Here are my top 10 Tweet threads of 2020:


In January 2020, I decided to do a deep dive into some of the most challenging questions we face in education today.

Fab Fridays is my (almost!) weekly email newsletter where I share the coolest things I’m exploring and building in the education space. I don’t have neatly packed answers—I don’t think anyone does. I mostly raise questions and share the best of what I’ve learned. My goal is to get more people to think about education in a new way. Thank you for being part of this.

You can read the 40 Fab Fridays editions I wrote this year here.


"A well-written article can change your life because the internet rewards people who think well. Each post is an advertisement for the kinds of people and opportunities you want to attract, and if you have a voice, you can build a platform." — David Perell

​We are all full of ideas we're not aware of... until we start writing. Writing is the best way to sharpen our thinking, organize our ideas, build credibility, and attract like-minded people.

​​Here are 17 articles I wrote this year.

Podcasts and Interviews

The internet is the best place to meet other intellectually curious people. Here are some of the most interesting conversations I had this year:

  1. How to learn with Anthony Pompliano

Pomp and I talk about how kids learn, our take on the future of online education, and how to raise a generation of entrepreneurs and creators.

​2. Why I learn with Kelly Smith from Prenda Learn

Kelly and I talk about our journeys with learning and discuss ideas that could help others grow as learners.

3. Learning in the Digital Age with Vance Crowe

Vance and I discuss the future of education, homeschooling, microschools, and online learning.

4. ReFABricating School with Mike Sudyk

5. The Future of Education with Brandon Zhang

6. Show and Tell with David Perell

In this short YouTube series (11 episodes), David and I discuss the future of childhood education with a playful spirit that’s been lost in classrooms around the world. These are our open conversations about what we’ve seen that works and the things that can change.

Show & Tell is inspired by the question: “How is the Internet transforming education?” Each episode explores a different answer to that question, such as how the economy is changing and the impacts of limitless information.


The content you create and share online becomes a magnet for like-minded people, interesting ideas, and career opportunities.

In addition to writing online, I also gave YouTube a try! Here are some the videos I made this year:

Have a wonderful weekend and here’s to a more bright 2021!

Ana Lorena Fabrega