Fab Fridays 47: Behind the Scenes at Synthesis

What makes Synthesis special and different from any other learning experience.

Hey Everyone!

Greetings from Miami.

My conversation with Bilal Zaidi from Creator Lab is now live!

We talk about:

  • Why the current education system needs an overhaul

  • The skills we should be developing in kids

  • Unlearning & the future of education

  • The role of technology in learning

  • Forest schools, micro-schools & alternatives for parents to consider

  • How games can be good for your kids

  • The lindy effect & ideas that will stick around in education

  • Remote vs. online education

  • Recommended books for kids​

You can also listen to this conversation on Apple Podcast or Spotify, but you would miss my crazy hand gestures :)

Thanks for tuning in!

Behind the Scenes at Synthesis

As you know, I joined Synthesis five months ago and we’ve been working hard to build the experience and communicate our vision. While Synthesis is young, we have big ambitions. We are building the premier online community where kids go to become better problem solvers.

I’ve put together a few short essays where I lay out the behind-the-scenes of what makes Synthesis special.

If you've been wondering what exactly is it that we "teach" at Synthesis, or would like to learn more about our approach to learning, check these out:

​Stay tuned for upcoming AMAs ("ask me anything") and Clubhouse conversations with the founders. We look forward to building the future of childhood education alongside you.​

Until next week,

Ana Lorena Fabrega