Fab Fridays 65: The Art of Evangelism

"The title only works if your product can change the world—or at least a significant part of it." —Guy Kawasaki

Hey Everyone!

Happy Friday and greetings from Puerto Rico.

This week I’m borrowing from James Clear’s 3-2-1 Newsletter format: Below are 3 videos, 2 podcasts, and 1 recommended read.

3 Videos

  1. What is Synthesis? As the school year starts, it’s worth asking ourselves: are we doing everything we can to prepare our kids for a world that is constantly changing?

    Whether you’re a parent, a student, or just interested in the future of education, sign up below to stay in the loop with what we are building.

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  2. The Network Model: The third episode of our Mental Models Series is out! This installment covers networks.

    Anatar and Chrisatar find themselves on a planet run by a complex AI network. When the network fails, crisis ensues and the entire planet is threatened with collapse. Follow along with your kids as we break down the complexities of networks before time runs out.

  3. What are parents saying about Synthesis?

    Garrett Dahn, Creative Designer at Synthesis, sits down with a few parents from our community to discuss how the Synthesis experience has impacted their families and the social and problem-solving capacities of their kids.

2 Podcasts

  1. The Synthesis Journey: Here is my conversation with Chrisman Frank, CEO and cofounder at Synthesis. We share the story of how we met (thanks, Twitter!) what it’s been like to build Synthesis over the past year, my role as Chief Evangelist, and what’s next. 

  2. What’s a Chief Evangelist? : A few weeks ago I was interviewed by one of our wonderful Synthesis students, 9-year-old Kyle Northcutt. Kyle hosts the “Kids Learn Careers” podcast, where he interviews different people about their jobs so other kids can learn about what their options are.

    This episode covers my work as a Chief Evangelist. You can listen to the podcast here!

1 Recommended Read

  1. The Art of Evangelism by Guy Kawasaki

    In October last year I wrote a thread announcing the launch of Synthesis. I was not affiliated with the company back then, but was so impressed with what they were building that I agreed to help them launch.

    A few days after the launch, the CEO sent me this article by Guy Kawasaki.

    “I think I found the perfect role for you. It ticks all your boxes. Give it a read and call me back.”

    He was right.

Until next week,

Ana Lorena Fabrega