Fab Fridays 17: Show and Tell

How is the Internet transforming childhood education?

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Remember Show and Tell in school? 

Check out our new YouTube Series: Show & Tell with Ana and David 🤸🏽‍♀️ 

David Perell and I run an online school for future creators and entrepreneurs. 

We now started a weekly show to discuss the future of childhood education with a playful spirit that’s been lost in classrooms around the world. These are just our open conversations about what we've seen that works and the things that we can change. 

Show & Tell is inspired by the question: “How is the Internet transforming education?” 

Each episode explores a different answer to that question, such as how the economy is changing and the impacts of limitless information. 

How often do we think about things we have to unlearn?

In this week’s episode #3, David and I talk about the things that we learned in school that have been useful and the things we’ve had to unlearn. We also introduce a new tradition, Show and Tell, where we begin each episode sharing an item that represents the topic we will be discussing.

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Episode #1: Write of Passage Summer Camp

Episode #2: What does it really mean to be creative?

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Fostering Creativity

Last week I recorded a podcast with Suthen Siva about how we should think about our children’s education and why schools have it all backwards.

Listen to the podcast here: Spotify or Podcast Website

Here’s what we talk about:

The Future of Education

  • 3:19 What alternative education paths are taking off right now? Do you see one becoming the predominant form of education? How do you see all of these co-existing with one another?

  • 7:03 What should parents look for when considering alternative education paths? What’s the right blend? How can parents determine what’s the best learning option for their kids?

  • 11:39 The new role of educators and parents—What can parents do to nurture these rich learning experiences?

  • 14:46 Being a digital citizen is a foreign concept for most parents today and a topic of worry for many. How do parents get around that barrier and understand what it means to be a digital citizen? How can adults help kids become digital citizens from an early age?

Building a Creative Learning Experience

  • 18:30 How have you gone about building a course for children? What is Write of Passage Summer Camp about?

  • 27:38 What kind of transformation have you seen in kids that go through the program? What skills do they learn through making? 

  • 29:48 New narrative for success and failure— seeing mistakes as part of the learning process

  • 33:42 What can parents do at home to adopt this new framework of teaching and learning? 

  • 37:39 Twenty years from now, what do you want for kids to remember and realize about their learning and education? 

Listen to the podcast here: Spotify or Podcast Website

Bonus Video in Spanish

I made a video in Spanish where I share what I think learning should look like during the pandemic.

You can watch the entire video in Spanish here.

For Reflection

Ask yourself the following questions about your kid’s learning experience during the pandemic. I would love to hear back from you!

  • When is your kid most engaged with their online school experience? Why? What drives that engagement?

  • When is your kid bored or disengaged? Why?

  • When do your kids feel joy in learning? What circumstances lead to that?

  • What are you learning about your kids during this experience? How does that learning happen?

  • How are your kid’s learning skills improving during this time? What’s changing about them as learners?

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