Fab Fridays 3: Unlock Your Writing Superpower

What if we got kids to view writing as a superpower?

Hi everyone!

Happy Friday and greetings from Panama.

In this week’s edition I’m announcing the exciting project I’ll be working on this year. I need your thoughts, ideas, and energy, so please reply to this email and share your vision!

Writing well is a superpower—it forces you to work through your different ideas, explore them from different perspectives, and turn them into something meaningful and worth sharing. It’s the single best way to accelerate your learning, attract like-minded people, and create opportunities for yourself. Most importantly, it promotes self-directed learning.

What if we got kids to view writing as a superpower? As a vehicle to explore creatively, connect, and learn in ways never before imagined? As a way to share their curiosities and reclaim the joy in learning?

Inspired by David Perell’s Write of Passage transformative online course, I’ve decided to join the Writing Revolution.

Unlock your Writing Superpower


In 2020, I want to help children express themselves in beautiful and creative ways by unlocking their writing superpower

  • Help them view writing through a different lens, as an opportunity to dig deeper into their curiosities and explore the world around them 

  • Teach them how to use writing as a vehicle to improve their thinking, sharpen their communication skills, and accelerate their learning

  • Give them the superpower to refine their ideas and share them with the world

  • Introduce them to what it is like to use technology to create and not only to consume—to generate transformative ideas and share them with anyone, anywhere


Writing is the best way to sharpen your ideas and accelerate your learning

  • Learning how to write gives children a competitive advantage in life by allowing them to think and communicate clearly

  • We want children to become self-directed, lifelong learners. Writing will inspire children to continue learning and create value for themselves and others

  • Children are special in ways adults aren't. They have a unique outlook for life and powerful insights to share. Helping them communicate in clear and creative ways will motivate them to exploit their potential


Children will unlearn and relearn how to write using a modern, active, and collaborative method inspired by David Perell’s Write of Passage approach

  • Not the typical writing class. In most schools, children learn an outdated, ineffective method of writing. Unlike schools, our approach removes the trivial things that make writing unappealing—grades, tests, homework, grammar rules and mechanics—and prioritizes the parts of writing that already feel like play to kids

  • Our approach focuses on what really matters in writing: how to cultivate ideas, distill them into writing, and spread them in meaningful ways. Children will also learn how to edit their writing by adopting a fun and simple system for refining their ideas. The rest will emerge organically

Thank you for reading and for your support.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next week!

Ms. Fab