I agree with all of this on such a deep level. As a teacher, a writer, a parent, and fellow human I put my full weight behind the value of stories and always will. I have a newsletter for kids called For the Love of Words that is a mix of book club and writing workshop-- discussion guided education, with a creative element. Would you ever be interested in being interviewed? I love your writing and would like chat on kids and education sometime in the new year.


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Excellent illustration of how we learn!

I'm a corporate learning specialist at Amazon. I had a similar realization about stories while working with senior leaders to gather insights and lessons learned from some of the most renowned projects at the company. The stories of failures are the best because we can learn so much more from failure.

All those stories are now used to teach other leaders about mental models, decision making, leadership, strategy, etc. at a global scale, across business, technology, and operations. It is a huge shift in the learning culture for the better.

Stories are essential to us as humans and we underestimate how much we can learn without a test involved. I appreciate this perspective and would love to collaborate in the future! Thanks for sharing!

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Truly, in every single country, the education system is broken and we rarely found teachers using storytelling to teach us.

Really loved the story-telling-based learning approach.

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