The Future of Education Through Ms. Fab’s Eyes

The future belongs to those who dare to think differently and question the defaults. Those who learn how to play to their strengths and solve problems in new ways. Those who get comfortable figuring things out and dealing with failure. Those who master the art of rethinking and unlearning. Those who develop a love for learning.

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Ana Lorena Fabrega—aka Ms. Fab.

Who is Ms. Fab?

Hola! I’m Ana Lorena Fabrega, former teacher known by little ones as Ms. Fab.

When it comes to schools, I can say I’ve been around the block a few times. Growing up, I attended 10 schools in 7 different countries. I then became a teacher and taught hundreds of kids in New York, Boston, and Panama.

I left teaching in Summer 2019 to become an EDUpreneura passionate educator outside the classroom exploring learning alternatives to break the mold.

I’m now Chief Evangelist at Synthesis, a new online learning experience for curious and ambitious kids who want to learn how to build the future. We are scaling up the most innovative ideas from Ad Astra —the school our cofounder started with Elon Musk— using a game-based approach to learning.

I’m also doing a deep dive into some of the most challenging questions we face in education today and sharing the best of what I find along the way. If you enjoy what I say, write, or teach, shoot me an email + follow me on Social Media!

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childhood education with a twist + new ways to learn


Former Teacher known by little ones as Ms. Fab. EDUpreneur with a passionate vision for the future of education.